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Top Reasons to Choose a RAM 3500 for Your Work Truck

2021 RAM 3500

Making a commitment and investing in a work truck is an important decision that requires careful consideration. You’ll need to decide how much you’re willing to make as an initial investment and the total cost of ownership. You’ll need to weigh your work needs and identify the qualities you feel are most important for a truck in your line of work. For most people, dependability, strength, and safety are at the top of the list. Considering this, the RAM 3500 should be a primary candidate. Read on to see the top reasons you should choose a RAM 3500 for your work truck.┬á


The RAM 3500 is a powerful machine and has an established reputation as one of the strongest trucks available. So, the towing capacity of a work truck is one of its most important features. Although you’d expect any heavy duty truck to tow an immense amount of weight, the RAM outperforms competitors. The RAM 3500 now has the ability to tow 37,000 pounds, about 2,500 pounds more than other trucks in its class. For optimal strength in towing, select the regular cab RWD Tradesman, with the eight-foot bed and high-output Cummins engine. 

And if you want to maximize payload instead, you’ll want to opt for the regular cab RWD Tradesman, with the V-8 engine, eight-foot bed, and 4.10 axle ratio. With this, you’ll be able to carry about 7,680 pounds. 

Multiple Options

One of the main attributes of the RAM 3500 series is the ability to select different trims with multiple configurations and add-ons. There are three cab styles, two bed lengths, and five trim levels: the base, the Tradesman, the Big Horn, the Laramie, the Long Horn, and the Limited. The Limited is the top tier trim and comes with an array of luxury features. You can also keep the standard V-8 engine or choose the Cummins 6-cylinder diesel, with a higher output variant and an impressive 1075 lb-ft of torque. With the different options and variations available to truck buyers, you can essentially customize your RAM 3500 based on what you need it to do for you. 

Ride Quality and Handling

Unlike other trucks in its class, the RAM 3500 series has an incredibly quiet and smooth ride. Even at top speed on the highway, the cabin remains fairly silent and unbothered by the outside winds and pressure. Because it is so well-insulated from the outside road, engine noise, and wind, you can comfortably drive an enjoy your music or conversation with passengers as you get where you need to be. 

The standard suspension on the RAM 3500, the Hotchkiss leaf spring rear suspension, meets every need for this heavy duty truck. The load-leveling adaptive air suspension exponentially increases the ride quality for the most comfort. 

A vehicle the size of the RAM 3500 should feel like driving a stiff elephant. But, the design and considerations included make the 3500 a dream on the road. It maneuvers easily on the highway and on rough terrain. The steering system responds to driver input and makes even the tightest spaces easy to move around in. 

Technological Abilities

The standard 12-inch Uconnect infotainment center outfitted on the RAM 3500 is one of the best and most dependable systems available on the market right now. You’ll find the controls displayed logically on the dash with an easy-to-see arrangement. You can access the most important controls quickly from the steering wheel, so there is no need for the driver’s gaze to ever drift. Everything is user friendly, so even those unfamiliar with today’s technology can easily work the system. Driver assistant features, such as blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, lane-keep assist, and automatic emergency braking are all available to help keep everyone safe on the road or on the job site. 

Interior Design

Aside from strength, if there’s one thing the RAM 3500 takes into consideration is interior design. The cabin has enough room for all occupants to ride in comfort without bumping knees on the dash or with one another. There’s enough above-the-head space for the tallest of folks to fit comfortably inside. Two full-sized adults can easily climb in and out of the back cabin area and ride for hours in the rear seats with legs comfortably placed. 

There’s plenty of room for child safety seats as well. If you have to install those, there is a LATCH system included that is easy to use and has conveniently placed anchors to help secure little ones. Whether you need to install a booster seat for your growing youth or a rear-facing infant car seat, you can do so comfortably and confidently, because even work trucks have to make it to doctor’s appointments and soccer games. 

The interior of the RAM 3500 is practical and also has many creature comforts you would expect to see only on luxury SUVs. Things like heated front row seating, optional back row heating, vented seats, leather upholstery as an option, and heated steering wheels make the RAM 3500 an attractive option. The ten-speaker system that is included with the RAM 3500 series proves you can combine work and play for optimal enjoyment. For drivers and passengers, these minor considerations show that the RAM 3500 is more than just a work truck, it’s a truck for life. 

Here at Huffines Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM Lewisville we understand how important it is to have a truck you can depend on to get your job done safely, efficiently, and easily. You want a vehicle to work for you, and not the other way around. We serve the Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton and Carrollton areas, and would love to have you in for a test drive a RAM 3500. Contact us to set up an appointment so you can witness the capabilities and strength this machine has. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you in every step of the process. So whether you’re still considering the different trims or are ready to buy and learn about your financing options, we are here to serve you.

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