July 13

Top 3 Ways To Organize for a Road Trip


Lewisville-Road-Trip-GuideIf you’re planning a summer road trip, it’s important to stay organized to avoid mishaps on the road. Between snacks, tech and devices, and other road trip necessities, it’s easy to toss everything into a suitcase, but this makes it much harder to find what you need. Check out these organization tips to simplify your next road trip experience.

Organize Snacks and Drinks

Snacks and beverages can help you stay awake and avoid having to stop as often on your trip. Figuring out a way to organize these items can pose a challenge, especially since you probably don’t want drinks in the same bag as your clothes, headphones, or cell phone because of the spill risk. A wet-dry zip pouch or cooler can work well for beverages and any liquid food items you might want to bring. Some of these options are insulated to keep drinks cold while you’re on the road.
Pack a separate bag with your favorite road trip snacks and store it in the passenger seat or the middle of the backseat for easier access. Make sure to bring a plastic grocery sack or other trash container to keep wrappers and crumbs under control. Tossing your trash in the backseat can quickly pile up and lead to unpleasant odors within your vehicle.

Packing Your Suitcase

As you create your packing list, make a note next to each item whether you will need it in the car or once you reach your final destination. Maps, printed confirmations of reservations, and snacks should stay in a separate bag while clothing, accessories, shoes, and toiletries can probably stay in the trunk until you arrive at your hotel. Having to unpack the trunk to find something you need along the way can slow down your trip and accidentally leave things behind.
When you’re road tripping, you’re limited in what you can bring to the size of your trunk or cargo area. Check the hotel amenities to find out if you really need to bring your own towels for the pool or a hair dryer. Look for ways to maximize the space. A rolling duffel bag is also easy to load into the car, yet allows you to pull it when you arrive at your destination.

Plan Your Stops

Try to plan out the spots where you will stop along the way to save time and money. You can use Gas Buddy or other gas price tracking apps to find the cheapest fuel stations along your route, and then plan your stops around those locations.
Keep an itinerary to know where you want to go whenever you stop and try your best to stick to it. Arriving in a new place without much of a plan can feel overwhelming, so you could end up spending hours in your hotel room trying to figure out where to go first. Take the time before you leave to make a plan and prioritize what you want to see and do.
With a bit of preparation and organization, you can take your next summer road trip from good to great.
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