April 27

Spring Cleaning Checklist


After a long winter with your doors and windows tightly closed, spring is the perfect time to do a deep cleaning of your house. You’ll want to get rid of dust, pet dander, and accumulated grime that can often trigger springtime allergy attacks. While some cleaning tasks require minimal effort and supplies, others may take a couple of days to complete. So, put on some gloves and your favorite playlist, and use our helpful checklist to get started.

Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies

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Having the right products and tools can help make house cleaning easier. While you may have several cleaning products on hand under the sink or stashed away in the garage, consider going to the store to get new ones to help inspire you. Supplies include:

  • Vacuum bags and filters.
  • Clean microfiber cloths and scrubbing rags.
  • All-purpose cleaner. 
  • A new mop.
  • A twist-mop bucket.
  • White distilled vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap.
  • Furniture oil and polish.
  • Cleaning gloves.
  • Reusable spray bottles. 
  • Dusters.

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General Cleaning Tips for Your Home

While each room will have different cleaning requirements, such as polishing furniture and scrubbing the oven, you’ll still want to complete some basic cleaning tasks in every room, including:


We often track dirt, grime, and pet hair across floors from our shoes, and the best way to pick up these contaminants is by vacuuming. Be sure to use the various tool attachments, such as the crevice cleaner, to get into hard-to-reach places.

Cleaning the Baseboards

It’s easy to overlook baseboards when cleaning, and spring is the perfect time to vacuum them with the bristle brush attachment. Following this, take a damp microfiber cloth and wipe the remaining dirt away.

Washing Windows, Blinds, and Screens

You’ll enjoy how sparkling clean your house feels after washing the windows, screens, and any window coverings. If this is a project you don’t want to tackle, consider hiring a window-washing company for professional cleaning. 

Getting Upholstery, Carpets, and Rugs Cleaned

While you can clean rugs with a rented carpet cleaner, you’ll have better and more hygienic results using a professional company. Using specialist products, these businesses will remove dirt, grime, and stains from your carpets and upholstery.


During the winter, you’ve probably dusted obvious surfaces, but spring is the time to use a dust cloth or brush to clean books and bookcases, the tops of cabinets, and the tops of any dressers. Be sure to remove knick-knacks and dust them separately before putting them back in place.  

Polishing or Waxing Surfaces

After dusting, you can polish or wax the surfaces of your furniture to help preserve the wood and give it a lustrous shine. For genuine wood, apply specialized oil on the tops, legs, and fronts to help extend the lifespan of the wood.

Wiping Ceiling Fans

You’d be surprised at how much gunk accumulates on top of your ceiling fans. Take a bucket of warm water and carefully wipe each blade of the ceiling fan to remove the dirt and dust. If you have wooden fan paddles, take time to polish or wax them to give them extra shine.


Your last major task after spring cleaning is to mop your tile, hardwood, concrete, or vinyl floors. Be sure to find the right cleaner for the specific floor type, as some floors require gentler chemicals. This will help you get optimum cleaning results and preserve the surface material.

Cleaning Projects for Each Room or Living Space

In addition to the basic cleaning projects, each room can have some specific requirements. Here are a few tasks to tick off your list for various living spaces:


  • Defrost the freezer.
  • Wipe out the inside of the refrigerator and discard old food and condiments.
  • Vacuum under and behind the refrigerator.
  • Deep clean the oven.
  • Clean all small appliances, such as the microwave and kettle.
  • Clean out the pantry and cabinets and dust the shelves.
  • Organize and clean under the sink, and discard out-of-date cleaning supplies.


  • Wash bath mats.
  • Update the first-aid kit.
  • Throw away outdated cosmetics and toiletries.
  • Clean or replace the shower curtain.
  • Deep-clean the tub.
  • Use soap build-up remover to clean the shower walls.
  • Clean and reseal grout.

Laundry Room

  • Scrub, clean, and sanitize the washing machine.
  • Vacuum under and around the dryer, then mop.
  • Clean the dryer vent.
  • Wash your laundry baskets and organize your laundry supplies.


  • Wash all the bedding, including your pillows.
  • Have your mattress cleaned.
  • Organize and declutter your closet and chest of drawers.
  • Get rid of clothes that are stained, stretched, too small, or too big.
  • Deep-clean under the bed and under other bedroom furniture.

Home Office

  • Clean out filing cabinets, and shred any unneeded paperwork.
  • Organize your desktop.
  • Replenish your office supplies.
  • Wipe down printers and copy machines.
  • Sanitize the keyboard and mouse.

Hall or Utility Closets

  • Organize your winter jackets and shoes.
  • Arrange and clearly mark your storage boxes.
  • Declutter sports equipment and organize it for spring and summer sports.

Patio or Balcony

  • Wash outdoor furniture and put pillows back on chairs and loungers.
  • Wash the deck and re-treat the surface.
  • Power-wash the driveway.
  • Oil the outside wooden furniture.

Garage or Basement

  • Replace filters for the furnace and your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
  • Declutter and organize tools and storage boxes.
  • Replace the batteries in the garage-door opener.
  • Clean the windows. 
  • Vacuum around the furnace and water heater.

Throughout the House

  • Change the batteries in both the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.
  • Clean all vents and registers.
  • Wash light fixtures.
  • Clean outlet covers, light switches, and door handles.
  • Replace light bulbs if needed.

Now that you have a spring cleaning checklist, are you ready to get your home sparkling clean and ready for the spring and summer seasons? Is there another cleaning project we missed on this list? If you have any other recommendations, let us know and we’ll share that information with our Lewisville community.

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