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Ram 1500 Accessories Worth Buying

The 2021 Ram 1500 has many appealing attributes and features that make it stand out in the competitive full-size truck segment, from the outstanding towing capability to an upscale cabin. While this amazing truck leaves little to be desired, you can customize it to suit your unique needs and tastes. The following is a list of awesome accessories that can help you get the most out of your Ram 1500:

Luverne Textured Mudguards

Ram 1500 Accessories | Ram 1500 in white

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These textured mudguards from Luverne can help protect the rocker panels and undercarriage of your Ram 1500 from scratches, dents, and corrosion. Made of a heavy-duty textured rubber, they can handle almost everything the road throws at them. In addition, they feature 18-gauge stainless steel plates and ultraviolet stabilizers for extra durability. They also give your truck a stylish, rugged appearance and keep it looking clean and fresh mile after mile. Custom-made to fit your Ram, these Luverne mudguards come with mounting brackets and fasteners for easy and secure installation.

DashMat Original Dash Cover

Made of soft Foss fiber carpet that won’t unravel or fray, the DashMat Original Dash Cover is specially designed to fit the dashboard of a 2021 Ram 1500. It comes with precisely cut openings for the vents, sensors, and the passenger-side airbag, which give it a factory finish appearance. It also has color-matching felt trim that adds a sleek and tailored touch. You can personalize this dash cover with a logo or embroidery.

Aside from making your truck’s cockpit look more attractive, this DashMat product also provides several practical benefits. In summer, extreme heat and high-energy ultraviolet rays can damage the vinyl coating of your dashboard, making it more brittle and prone to splitting and cracking. Installing this dash cover is a great way to keep your dashboard in good condition. Also, it can help reduce windshield glare and improve your safety on the road.

The DashMat Original Dash Cover installs in your Ram with just a couple of hook-and-loop fasteners and doesn’t require you to make any permanent modifications to your truck. It’s also easy to remove for cleaning. 

DU-HA Underseat Storage Case

If your gear is cluttering up the seats and floors of your Ram 1500, it can make the cabin look and feel unpleasant. Additionally, your belongings may become damaged as they roll around while the vehicle is moving. So, how do you get rid of clutter in your Ram truck? If you own an Extended Cab or Crew Cab model, you can create more storage space by installing the DU-HA Underseat Storage Case under the back seats.  

Constructed from heavy-duty polyethylene, this DU-HA storage box can provide many years of reliable service. It fits snugly under the rear seats of a Ram truck and offers a generous amount of storage space. It also comes with inserts and dividers to enable you to keep your stuff organized and easily retrievable. This product is available in a variety of colors to match your truck’s interior. 

WeatherTech DigitalFit Molded Floor Liners

If you regularly go on outdoor adventures or drive around with kids, it’s a good idea to buy the WeatherTech DigitalFit Molded Floor Liners. These floor liners are custom made based on laser measurements of a Ram 1500’s interior surfaces. Therefore, they perfectly hug the contours of your truck’s floor and provide absolute protection from the damaging effects of spills, snow, grime, mud, and debris. 

Advanced surfacing creates deeply sculpted channels that direct fluids and debris to a reservoir, where they won’t come into contact with shoes and clothing. This also makes fluids easy to remove. Also, the liners have a raised lip that can help contain spills and protect the side walls. 

The DigitalFit floor liners are made of WeatherTech’s innovative High-Density Tri-Extruded material, which is exceptionally resistant to wear and tear. This material also offers surface friction to your vehicle’s carpet so that the liners will always stay in place.

Thule Universal Bed Racks

Thule universal bed racks can be a great addition to your Ram 1500 if you frequently need to carry large objects in your truck bed, such as surfboards, kayaks, ladders, pipes, and lumber. Besides providing extra storage space, these racks can also protect you and your vehicle in the event of a rollover, thanks to their super-strong construction and materials. With proper installation and weight distribution, they can hold up to 450 pounds of weight. They also feature innovative height adjustability for easy and flexible storage and the integrated AirTrip bar technology for enhanced aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

Installing the Thule Universal Bed Racks on your Ram is a breeze. It involves limited assembly and no drilling or cutting. These racks come with SecureLock locks that safely secure them to your truck. Matching side rails are available and sold separately. 

Retrax RetraxONE XR Hard Retractable Tonneau Cover

Getting a tonneau cover for your Ram 1500 can be beneficial in many ways. Other than improving the visual appeal of your truck, this accessory can also protect your cargo from the elements and prevent it from falling out of the bed. It also helps deter theft and makes your vehicle more fuel-efficient. 

If you think a tonneau cover is worth your investment, consider getting the Retrax RetraxONE XR. This manually retractable hard tonneau cover is composed of a tough, durable polycarbonate lid with scratch-resistant matte finish and heavy-duty aluminum slats. Its patented low-profile design gives your truck a streamlined look and provides a firm seal, while its smooth-operating ball-bearing rollers prevent binding when opening or closing. 

The Retrax RetraxONE XR is a clamp-on truck bed cover that you can install with just a few basic tools. It also has an adjustable mounting system to ensure a perfect fit every time. 

If you’re looking for top-quality Ram 1500 accessories in Lewisville, Texas, consider stopping by Huffines Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Lewisville to check out our expansive inventory of OEM accessories. From all-weather floor mats to window air deflectors, we have everything you need to make your truck your very own. Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.


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