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Racecar Tracks in Lewisville, TX


Racing is a popular hobby and passion for many people living in Texas. However, it’s not something you can do in your backyard or on the streets in your neighborhood. Instead, you need a place that’s dedicated to racing. Luckily, there are plenty of these locations near Lewisville, Texas, which not only offer a safe place to watch and participate in races but also provide instruction and other amenities.

4 Great Racetracks Near Lewisville, Texas

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If you’re in the Lewisville area and you’re looking for a racetrack, here are some great options to explore:

MotorSport Ranch

The first option is MotorSport Ranch, located at 9012 Performance Court in Cresson, Texas. MotorSport Ranch calls itself a sports car country club, and for good reason. Here, you’ll find two courses dedicated to different racing activities. When you’re a member of this facility, you can bring your vehicle to the track and test out its true potential. MotorSport Ranch also has programs to help you develop and improve your driving skills. It also has its own vehicles in case you want to take a test drive.

One of the great benefits of MotorSport Ranch is that you can bring guests with you. So if you run a business and want to take your clients out for an exciting adventure after your meeting, MotorSport Ranch is a great option. Members can also store their vehicles at “The Ranch” and take part in “gentleman’s racing.” Furthermore, the experts at MotorSport Ranch can help you maintain your vehicle so it’s always ready for your next drive.

Devil’s Bowl Speedway

Your next option is Devil’s Bowl Speedway, located at 1711 Lawson Road in Mesquite, Texas. Devil’s Bowl Speedway is one of the most famous dirt tracks in the entire Southwest. It’s a high-banked half-mile course with tacky black clay. It also features a unique “D” shape, with the curve on the back straight raised 15 feet higher than the front. With this setup, the 10,000 surrounding seats offer a great view of the entire track.

At Devil’s Bowl Speedway, you’ll find several classes to improve your driving skills and help you take care of your vehicle. There are also special events throughout the year that make for a great night out. If you’re interested in racing, you can register through the website and track your results and points throughout the season to see how you’re doing.

Eagles Canyon Raceway

Your third option is the Eagles Canyon Raceway, located at 7629 North FM-51 in Decatur, Texas. Eagles Canyon Raceway is a private FIA Spec 2.7-mile road course with 15 total turns and over 200 feet of elevation. To make use of the track, you’ll likely want to become a member, which offers several benefits. Members have access to the clubhouse, facilities, and classrooms. Members can also use the track’s equipment, such as helmets, race suits, and tools. Finally, members can get discounts from affiliated vendors, free refreshments, and special pricing on events and rentals.

Eagles Canyon Raceway also offers performance driving days. These are days when the professionals at the course provide instruction on driving and maintaining your vehicle. Its Performance Driving School helps students of all ages develop their skills. Best of all, these courses are open to members and non-members alike, so you can take a course to see whether you enjoy it before becoming a full member.

Yello Belly Drag Strip

Finally, there’s the Yello Belly Drag Strip located at 4702 E. Main St. in Grand Prairie, Texas. Yello Belly Drag Strip is one of the oldest tracks around, as it’s still operating in the same place as when it first opened 60 years ago. When you go to this dragstrip during one of their races, there’ll be many skillful racers around to entertain you. You can also sign up to race yourself, provided you’re at least 18 years old.

Yello Belly Drag Strip is open on Thursdays and Sundays, with special events sometimes taking place on Fridays and Saturdays. A snack bar and food vendors are on hand, so you can also grab a bite to eat. Whether you’re looking to do some racing at a legendary Texas track or you want a fun night out with your family and friends, Yello Belly Drag Strip is a great place to visit.

Great Cars To Take to the Track

If you’re looking for a racetrack in Texas because you want to do some racing, you’ll need a good car to go along with it. The type of vehicle you’ll need depends on what sort of track you want to drive on and the type of race you want to participate in. For example, if you’re looking to do some racing at the Yello Belly Drag Strip, you’ll want a vehicle with fast acceleration, such as the new Dodge Challenger. On the other hand, if you’re going to the Eagles Canyon Raceway, you might prefer something with better handling and speed, such as the Dodge Charger.

Get Your Next Race Vehicle at Huffines CJDR of Lewisville

Here at Huffines CJDR, we can help you prepare for your next race. We have a wide range of used and new vehicles available, many of which would be perfect at the tracks listed above. We also have a full service station, whether you’re looking to give your vehicle a tuneup before the next race or want to make some upgrades to your vehicle to improve it even further.

To get started, please browse through our online inventory. You can also use our payment calculator and trade-in evaluator to work out what you can afford. When you’re ready, contact us to schedule a visit to our dealership. We’d be happy to discuss your needs with you and set you up with some test drives so that you can find the perfect vehicle for racing in Texas. Thanks for visiting Huffines CJDR of Lewisville, and we hope you enjoy your time at the racetrack.


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