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Must Visit Places During Summer in Lewisville, TX

Did you know Lewisville is the 33rd most populous city in Texas and has the fastest-growing population in America? The city of Lewisville is synonymous with vibrant people, rich history, a serene atmosphere, plenty of tourism, and unique landmark attractions for people of all demographics. Whether you are looking to explore American rich history, sample exotic meals, or commune with nature, Lewisville is full of special places to explore during the summer.

Here is a list of fun things you can explore while in our beautiful city:

Lake Lewisville

Summer Nights in Lewisville, TX

Image via Flickr by Aaron Jacobs

If you like outdoor activities, Lake Lewisville is an ideal location for you. Imagine kayaking the calm Trinity River surrounded by the sounds of nature: On one side, a vast forest, and on the other, a beautiful prairie. Several adventurous activities you can take part in at the lake include hikes, camping, fishing expeditions, nature walks, and bird watching. Sounds heavenly, right? Lake Lewisville is open all year round, so you can spend every day communing with nature for your entire summer.

Escape Rooms

If you are vacationing for summer as a group, Lewisville escape rooms can be a fun way to spend time together. An escape room is essentially a locked room that requires you to solve puzzles to get out. If you and your loved ones love solving riddles, you can create glorious memories at the various escape rooms in Lewisville.

Mama’s Daughters’ Diner

It would be tragic to come to Lewisville and miss the famous southern food delights. Mama’s Daughters’ Diner lives up to the Southern reputation of serving large menus and larger-than-life food items to keep you full till your next meal. Mama’s Daughters’ Diner food is fresh, delicious, and nutritional because the restaurant uses fresh local ingredients. For dessert, we recommend baked pies and cornbread. If you don’t feel like eating out after a day of exploring Lewisville’s beautiful landmarks, you can order the food from the comfort of your home using a delivery service provider.

The Bayou Market

Crab Boil | Bayou Market

Photo by Sunira Moses on Unsplash

The Bayou Market restaurant sells the best Cajun, Seafood, and Creole cuisines delicacies in Lewisville. If you love seafood, Bayou Market’s rich selection of superb dishes will make your trip to Lewisville worth it. Bayou Market’s seafood menu includes shrimp, crawfish, oyster, catfish, and gator platters excellently prepared by experienced staff.

The restaurant has a kid-friendly menu with healthy food and beverages. Bayou Market is open from Monday to Saturday from morning till evening. You can have a hearty breakfast in the morning, explore Lewisville’s landmarks during the day, and finish your day with an authentic taste of Cajun food courtesy of the Bayou Market restaurant.

Cristina’s Fine Mexican Restaurant

Once you have tasted Cristina’s food and drinks, you’ll want to come back again and again. Cristina’s has an extensive menu ideal for both adults and kids. Every food item on Cristina’s menu is exquisite, and the service is quick, so the food is always hot. Some of the special meals are nachos, flautitas, quesadillas, as well as the Fiesta Platter if you want an array of items. 

Cristina’s has a private parking lot for bikes and cars, making it ideal for group dates. The restaurant has adequate, well-furnished handicapped amenities ensuring that every person enjoys an excellent dining experience.

BENDT Distilling Co. 

BENDT Distilling Co. has two unique selling points: a one-of-a-kind whiskey garden and a unique tasting hall. You can spend your summer days sampling a rotating seasonal cocktail menu and various distilled drinks. The company offers multiple summer tours that you can book online or purchase walk-in tickets once you are in Lewisville. The whiskey garden is perfect for a first date, engagement, or for celebrating an anniversary because the garden has all the comforts of a classy venue, the ambiance is serene, and the drinks are well-crafted. If you want a keepsake to commemorate your time in our magical city, you can grab souvenirs from the BENDT gift shop.

Lewisville Grand Theater

For a date night with your family, you can visit the Lewisville Grand Theater to enjoy live music, art exhibits, social events, dance performances, and lectures. A night at the Lewisville Theater may cost you the price of a beer from the bar for hours of entertainment from our talented pool of artists.

Old Town Wine House 

Old Town Wine House | Wine Bar

Photo by Yevhen Ptashnyk on Unsplash

Old Town Wine House is ideal for celebrating special milestones for you and your loved ones. Whether you want to celebrate birthdays, graduations, or anniversaries, the restaurant offers a great variety of food, top-shelf wine, and a relaxed ambiance to make your moments memorable.

The Actors Conservatory Theatre

Lewisville’s Actors Conservatory Theatre is an ideal place to visit if you enjoy live musical performances, enjoy art, and love supporting young talent. You can spend your summer watching young kids perfect and perform music and stories they are passionate about. If you have a passion for the arts, you can offer to build sets, and props, or run the tech booth. Spending summer watching young kids shine by telling stories through art and music is entertaining, educational, and fulfilling.

The Charming Cat Café

Cats rank high in the hierarchy of humans’ furry best friends. The Charming Cat Café in Lewisville was built to allow people to lavish their attention on a bunch of stray cats — and maybe even adopt some. The Charming Cat Café is a foster home for cats that allows visitors to enjoy the company of cats while they wait for their forever homes. The café has uniquely themed rooms where you can play and interact with the cats alone or with your friends.

So there you have it. Huffines CJDR Lewisville just gave you a list of fun places to visit in Lewisville, Texas. The city has a load of unique landmarks and fun activities that will keep you and your family entertained throughout the summer. Is there a landmark you feel we left out? Let us know, and we will add it to our next list.


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