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Everything to know about the Larue Winery in Lewisville, TX before you visit


Searching for a place close to home to indulge in and learn about wine? You don’t have to jet off on a trip to France or California to experience an amazing winery. Lewisville’s very own Larue Winery offers the perfect place for wine tours, special events, and relaxing evenings out alike.

Let Huffines CJDR Lewisville get you inspired to plan your visit to this great Lewisville winery. Here’s what you need to know about the Larue Winery before you go.

About the Larue Winery

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Lewisville is home to a beautiful winery that draws in wine lovers from Lewisville and its surrounding areas. Larue Winery is the place to go when you want to sample some delicious wine varieties while enjoying a fun time out with loved ones. The hand-crafted natural processes that create these wonderful, succulent wines take place right here in Lewisville. Larue uses grapes that were harvested at their peak in both California and Santiago, Chile. The result? Extraordinary wines that are ideal for just about any occasion.

You’ll see why the folks at Larue Winery are so passionate about their wines the moment you take your first sip. If you haven’t yet visited this popular local spot, put a trip to the winery on your list to create a wonderful memory. Larue Winery is just as dedicated to creating great experiences as it is dedicated to delivering unparalleled wines. You can look forward to a welcoming ambiance and friendly owners and staff; getting served by the winemaker directly is sure to make an outing to Larue Winery a unique experience to remember.

Larue Winery characterizes itself as the winery version of a “Cheers Bar,” a welcoming, friendly place where you can go to make new friends and learn about new wines. In fact, the winery has done so well in the Lewisville area that it recently expanded. Larue’s new, larger location is at the corner building from its previous location, so you can easily still find the winery if you visited in the past. Now, the winery faces the Llela Wildlife Nature preserve and offers a much larger space for visitors to enjoy.

Separated by antique doors and windows, the wine production area offers an amazing highlight for customers. Check out the big wine tanks and winery production equipment through the doors and windows to see exactly where your wine comes from, then settle down at the tasting bar or a table or cozy couch. Finally, it’s time to do what you envisioned when you planned your trip to Larue Winery: Start tasting some of the best wines you’ve ever sampled, of course!

Wines Available at Larue Winery in Lewisville

When you visit Larue’s winery in Lewisville, try a variety of wines to find your new favorite. Whether you’re planning for a relaxed evening with someone you love or preparing for a big event, you’re sure to find the ideal complement to the occasion with one of the winery’s amazing offerings. There’s truly something for everyone here.

So, what types of wine can you enjoy when you visit the Larue Winery in Lewisville? If you’re into Carmenere, Larue Winery has you covered. Made from California grapes, the dry red Carmenere delivers a deep crimson color and medium body. Enjoy cherry-like flavors and aromas from juicy red fruits. You can also go for a sweet red Carmenere, also crafted from California grapes. There’s no sugar added to this ruby-hued, medium-body wine. The grapes add sweetness as nature intended.

Prefer a Sauvignon Blanc? Larue Winery offers a few varieties made from Chilean grapes. The sweet white wine delivers flavors of lime green apples, passion fruit, gooseberry, and peach, offering the ideal sweetness without any added sugar. You can also go for a version aged in French oak barrels for a gold, elegant, and seductive wine. You’ll also find French barrel-aged Merlot, Cabernet, and Zinfandel here for a ruby, deep option.

If you’re in the mood for a Port, Larue Winery features an amazing option as well. Chilean red wine forms the basis for distilling a clear, crisp brandy. That brandy is then infused with Merlot, Cabernet, and Zinfandel. Larue Winery also offers a unique Chilean Bourbon wine, made from red wine aged in Bourbon barrels to impart flavors of vanilla and clove.

You can also go for a cocktail when you’re visiting the Larue Winery. “Red Intensity” is a red wine of your choice with a shot of Port added, while the “Trashe Rose” is a white wine of your choice paired with that Port shot. All in all, you’re sure to find a drink to love when you visit.

Planning Your Visit to the Larue Winery in Lewisville

We can’t blame you if you’re ready to head to the winery immediately after reading about those mouthwatering choices! The Laure Winery is located at 1491 N. Kealy Ave #1. You can visit on Thursdays from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., Fridays from 6:30 p.m. to 11 p.m., Saturdays from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m., or Sundays from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Better yet, join one of the Larue Winery’s fun tours to learn about the winery’s natural wine-making process. You can see the equipment and peer into the tanks for a fascinating snapshot into what goes into making your favorite wines. The winery owner shares information about the process in a fun, engaging way. Make an appointment to take your visit to the next level.

You can also enjoy live music and other events at the winery from time to time. Check the winery’s schedule for when your favorite genre of music is available as a backdrop to your night out, or head in for trivia or crafts classes along with your wine.

Additionally, you can book the Larue Winery if you’re looking for a local venue. From birthday parties to engagement parties to corporate events and beyond, the Larue Winery offers the perfect setting in Lewisville when you’re planning an event. You can call the winery for inquiries at 972-904-6583.We hope this guide from Huffines CJDR Lewisville has you ready to visit the Larue Winery as soon as you get the chance. Drop us a line once you do and let us know your favorite wine!


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