February 15

Hit the Links at These Three Lewisville Golf Courses


a golf club and ball on a tee.If the thought of grabbing your clubs, lining up a shot, and hitting a ball screaming toward the green is your idea of heaven, Lewisville is your muse. With several golf courses that will undoubtedly challenge golfers from beginner to seasoned veteran, this Texas city has the perfect place to test your skills.
Lake Park Golf Course
Nestled along the banks of Lake Lewisville, Lake Park Golf Course is 27 holes of beautiful championship golfing that’s been named by Golf Digest as one best places to play in the Dallas area. Each tee shot provides a picturesque landscape, making it important to focus and not get caught up in the scenery as you try to place your shot on the fairway.
Depending on your capabilities or timeframe, you can set up a tee time at the 18-hole championship course or the nine-hole executive course. The 18-hole option is a par-70 course that covers over 6,000 yards, challenging golfers to tee up long drives and approaches. The nine-hole is an excellent option for those playing hooky or on a time crunch, covering 1,700 yards with a par of 29.

If you aren’t comfortable with a club in your hands, don’t forget about Lake Park’s footgolf course. This sport combines the rules of golf with the kicking prowess of soccer for a sport all ages can enjoy with a less steep learning curve.
The Lakes at Castle Hills
Featuring rolling hills, natural streams, hardwood trees, and wetland environments, the Lakes at Castle Hills provides not only an amazing golfing experience but also a look into the ecosystem of North Texas. Even if you aren’t a nature person, seeing this natural environment is still awe-inspiring, especially as you work your way through the doglegs, bunkers, and fast greens of the course.
The natural topography results in an elevation change of more than 60 feet from start to finish, requiring expert approaches to some of the holes. The par-72 course covers over 7,200 yards, providing ample challenges for average golfers, as well as some surprises for the avid linksman.
Coyote Ridge Golf Club
Located just next to Lewisville in Carrollton, Texas, Coyote Ridge Golf Club is a course that plays like two distinct, separate courses. The front-nine plays like an oceanside course thanks to its location on Lake Lewisville, while offering open, airy, and approachable holes to start off your journey. Hole number seven tends to be the doozy before the first turn at the clubhouse, although it’s often overlooked at just 105 yards. Slice or hook your shot, and you’re in the sand or the water, yet a direct approach isn’t always easy.
Once you maneuver through the first half of the course, the back-nine tightens up along the edge of an old quarry, providing changes in elevation that can cause problems. With a slimmer margin for error, you’ll have to keep your tee shots lined up straight or end up in a dense rough along the sides.
There’s nothing more relaxing than the birds chirping, a well-manicured course, and a golf club in your hand. In Lewisville, you can enjoy any of these three amazing courses any time you please.
Photo by Krzysztof Urbanowicz licensed under CC BY 2.0 | Cropped from original


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