February 1

Here's Where to Get a Nice, Juicy Steak in Lewisville


a juicy steak with a pink center and caramelized onions on topMelt-in-your-mouth texture, natural marbling, and a juicy finish are the three staples of a premium steak that you can’t compromise with. Without any of these attributes, a steak becomes merely a piece of meat rather than the apex of the beef pyramid. The next time you’re in the mood for a thick, juicy steak, head to these local establishments in or near Lewisville.
Yellow Rose Steak and Chophouse
Located in Flower Mound just 3 miles from Lewisville, Yellow Rose Steak and Chophouse is always open to serve you some of its grass-fed beef for lunch or dinner. Offering various cuts ranging from sirloin to filet mignon, their steaks weigh in somewhere between six ounces and 22 ounces, enough to satisfy a small craving or the most gargantuan hunger. Paired with garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables, these steaks are nothing short of spectacular.

Carvao Prime Brazilian Steakhouse
With a 60-item salad bar and 18 cuts of meat served in a unique Brazilian style, Carvao Prime Brazilian Steakhouse is a one-of-a-kind option in the Lewisville area. Born in Churrasco in the south of Brazil, the owner of Carvao uses specialized cooking methods to make a delicious steak that they keep serving until you say when. Finish off your meal with an authentic Caipirinha, wine, or beer for the ultimate steakhouse experience.
Saltgrass Steakhouse
Steak purists might think that you can’t get a good steak at a chain, but then again, these naysayers have probably never been to Saltgrass Steakhouse. Based out of Texas and with 50 locations around the state, Saltgrass recaptures the flavor of cooking your steak on an open campfire. Everything here is chargrilled to perfection by one of their master cooks and paired with some of the most delicious sides you’ve ever tasted. Saltgrass only uses USDA-certifed angus beef and a secret mix of seven spices to provide the tender, robust flavor that keeps you coming back for more.
Bistecca: An Italian Steakhouse
Nestled in the heart of Highland Village only a short drive from Lewisville, Bistecca: An Italian Steakhouse showcases the skills of award-winning chef Morris Salerno. Drawing from his eclectic background of influences, inspirations, and cooking classes, Salerno fuses together Italian and American influences to create steaks, as well as other delectable entrees, soups, and sides.
The Steak Salerno is the chef’s masterpiece, featuring a 12-ounce New York strip steak cooked to order, topped with roasted garlic and butter sauce, sitting atop a bed of croutons. It’s far from your traditional steak, but just as juicy and delicious as any steak you’ve ever devoured.
Outback Steakhouse
If you aren’t feeling adventurous and want to go with old reliable, head to Outback Steakhouse. This no-frills, Australian-themed steakhouse offers thick-cut steaks that are lightly seasoned and suitable for every pallet. It’s not reinventing the wheel, but it’s an affordable place that will cure your ravenous appetite for steak.
You may not know what makes the perfect steak, but your taste buds can certainly agree that these places in Lewisville do it better than anywhere else in town. Just make sure to fast beforehand so you can wolf it all down.
Photo: “Carnivorous” by Kurt Bauschardt licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 | Cropped from original


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