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Healthy, Yet Delicious Eating in Lewisville, TX


Healthy spots in Lewisville, TXFor many of us, just hearing the words “healthy eating” leads to an involuntary shudder as our minds conjure up stereotypical images of rice cakes and tofu. As much as we are told that food that is good for us can taste good too, this just hasn’t been the experience for many. That sentiment is not held, however, by residents of or visitors to Lewisville, Texas. Lewisville has so many restaurants with innovative takes on healthy food that visiting their culinary scene can truly transform the way that you look at healthy eating. Here is just a small sampling.

Souper Salad

This is a buffet, but it is unlike any other buffet in that it is loaded almost exclusively with healthy options. There is a section devoted to juicy and delicious fruits of many varieties. You can also build your own salad from an array of fresh vegetables, meats, and cheeses. It is bound to be delectable because you can assemble it exactly as you please. However, what truly sets this buffet apart from others are the made-from-scratch and absolutely mouth-watering soups and freshly baked breads. The selection changes daily, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

This restaurant lives up to its slogan of “Eat Better. Feel Better.” Eating well and feeling great is exactly what happens when you head to this food haven. Obviously, you find a large variety of smoothies, and they come in three varieties: seasonal, classic, and superfood. Peanut Butter Cup and Acai Berry Boost are two of the best sellers, and they are well worth the price (especially during Happy Hour, when smoothies are only $2.99). The cafe also serves delicious sandwiches/wraps and bowls which feature fresh, healthy ingredients and plenty of options, no matter your dietary preference or restrictions.

True Food Kitchen

This upscale restaurant does require a 20-minute drive from Lewisville to Plano, but it is well worth the short jaunt. True Food Kitchen was created by a collaboration of world-class chefs, successful restauranteurs, and a doctor of integrative medicine. The combination has created an amazing culinary experience with absolutely outstanding dishes created using foods that are known to be anti-inflammatory. The menu changes depending on what is in season, but any choice from the menu will be delicious, nutritious, and responsibly sourced. Plus, any item can be changed upon request to meet a diner’s specific dietary needs.
Texas has become unfairly portrayed as a state that doesn’t care about healthy eating. As evidenced by these restaurants in Lewisville alone (and this list isn’t even comprehensive), that is a sure mischaracterization. The cliched phrase that people like to throw around about the Lone Star State is that “Everything is Bigger.” However, if the rest of the state follows the lead of the Lewisville area and continues to have nutritious food that tastes this good and is available at such reasonable prices, one thing that won’t be bigger in Texas is its residents’ waistlines.
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