February 21

Grab a Cold One at One of These 3 Lewisville Breweries


Microbreweries to check out in Lewisville, TXMicrobreweries have become all the rage over the last few years. Offering beers that range from traditional to exotic, these establishments add a bit of novelty to beer drinking. And you don’t have to drive to a major city anymore to find one. In and around Lewisville, there are a few decent breweries that boast a modern venue, friendly and caring staff, and good beer.

  1. TKO Libations

TKO Libations is a new joint in Lewisville that locals are raving about. This microbrewery, located in the Village at Castle Hills, boasts a hip and roomy interior consisting of a big wooden bar and scattered wooden tables where clients can sample their beer. On some tables, you’ll find a board game or two. There’s also a dart board.
On the beer menu is a large selection of beer brewed at the onsite brewery. Beers that you could sample include favorites such as the Abbey Delight, a Belgian strong dark ale; the Gingerbread Monster, an imperial porter brewed with ginger; and Your Morning Dose, a hearty breakfast stout. If you’re not into beer, check out the wine on tap.

TKO Libations is a brewery exclusively, so you won’t find any food at the venue. There are plenty of restaurants and stores around, however, and the owners don’t mind if you bring food inside.

  1. Old Town Brewhouse

The Old Town Brewhouse serves clientele in the warehouse where the beer is brewed, so the taproom has quite an industrial feel to it. Clients can have their brew at one of the small picnic tables or stand at the bar to enjoy a cold one. For entertainment, the venue provides a selection of board games, a few pool tables, and televisions for when you want to watch a game.
Although the brewery doesn’t have a menu, delicious warm pretzels, served with a dipping sauce, are up for grabs. Or, you can help yourself to the free popcorn. The owners also don’t mind if you bring your own food into the venue. The beer menu features roughly 10 home-brewed items at a time —  all of them named after classic rock songs. Current favorites include the All Night Long, a pale ale; Blue and Black, a stout with blueberries; and Bytch is Back, a Belgian Blond.

  1. Three Nations Brewing

Situated in Farmers Branch, which is about a 14-minute drive from Lewisville, is the popular Three Nations Brewing company. As with the Old Town Brewhouse, the taproom is actually in the warehouse where the beer is brewed. The atmosphere is laid-back, the staff are friendly, and dogs are welcome. On the beer menu, you’ll find the Mango Smash IPA, an Indian pale ale; the Haze Wizard, an NE-style pale ale; and the Devout, an imperial milk stout. This microbrewery doesn’t serve meals, but food trucks are normally parked outside.
Next time you want to enjoy a cold one with friends, drop by one of these microbreweries. You’ll be assured of excellent beer, a pleasant venue, and friendly service.
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