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Get Outside This Spring and Take A Walk in Lewsiville


a women with a hiking backpack walking on a trailIf you need some fresh air and a brisk walk, the town of Lewisville, Texas, has several trails for you and your family to enjoy. Whether you’re after scenic views or a well-paved trail, there’s much to experience in one of Lewisville’s many parks and preserves. Check out some of the area’s trails that can help you properly usher in spring.

Cicada-Cottonwood Loop Trail

The Cicada-Cottonwood Loop Trail is 1.7 miles long and is great for walkers who prefer light traffic. The wildflowers make for a beautiful walk, or you can keep your eyes peeled for a variety of herons and egrets. This year-round trail is near the Garza Little Elm Reservoir and takes around 45 minutes to complete if you walk at a brisk pace.

Timber Creek Trail

Located near Lewisville, the kid-friendly Timber Creek Trail offers a 1.8-mile journey within a forest backdrop. This trail is also great for hiking or jogging. Though you can bring your dogs along, you need to keep them on a leash to enjoy the wonders of the Timber Creek Trail.

Redbud Trail

If you’d rather take a stroll through a prairie, the Redbud Trail is 1.4 miles long, features grasslands and woodlands, and leads to a scenic river view. Once you reach the river, look for various bird species among the cottonwood, willow, oak, and elm trees. This loop trail welcomes outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels. The area is also great for recreational activities, such as fishing and river kayaking.

Blackjack Trail

The 3.1-mile Blackjack Trail, nestled among trees, is a great trek for pedestrians of all skill levels. Mature trees and sunny grassland surround this Lewisville trail. The Blackjack Trail went through a restoration in the summer of 2018 to preserve the prairie glades.

Green Dragon Trail

If you don’t mind a little more foot traffic, the Green Dragon Trail is 0.4 miles long and welcomes outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels. This trail is available year-round and is a kid-friendly option for families hoping to spend some time outdoors. Apart from walking, you can also take a hike or enjoy birdwatching on the Green Dragon Trail. Just make sure to leave your dogs behind for this trek.

Elm Fork of the Trinity River

Elm Fork of the Trinity River offers walkers a lengthy journey spanning 13.2 miles. A great option for all skill levels, this trail offers scenic views of the Trinity River. Along with taking a scenic walk, you can also canoe and kayak on the river. The Elm Fork of the Trinity River trail also features moderate foot traffic.

Lewisville Lake Trail

The Lewisville Lake Trail spans 3.3 miles and is well-suited for all skill levels. It offers a beautiful view of the lake and experiences light traffic from other pedestrians. It’s also kid- and dog-friendly, wheelchair-accessible, and partially paved.
No matter your skill level, you’re sure to find a trail that suits your needs in Lewisville. From river views to forest settings, these trails are ideal for all nature lovers.
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