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Galentine’s Day Ideas For Friends

Galentine’s Day is a special holiday dedicated to celebrating everything friendship. It’s the day before Valentine’s Day, and it’s about spending time with your buddies, making memories, and proving that you don’t need romantic love to have a special day in February. It also takes a lot of the pressure off because you aren’t trying to express romantic love, you’re simply celebrating friendship.

However you choose to celebrate Galentine’s Day, it’s a great opportunity to partake in the fun, often cheesy, glittery, and sweet traditions this holiday brings. Whether you’ve celebrated this day before, or this is your first time planning a Galentine’s Day event, we have some great ideas for how you can celebrate. We’re certain that this guide will give you some inspiration for a fun day with your friends.

Plan a Theme Party

Nothing brings a party together like a common theme, and everyone loves a theme party. Encourage your friends to dress up and hang some decorations to match. Order fun food to fit your theme and have everyone bring their own drinks to make it a special occasion. You could even decorate your kitchen or living room with colorful props, balloons, and flowers.

If you’re struggling to think of a theme, here are a few ideas. Tone it down, have a relaxed, pajama-themed party, wear comfortable clothing, watch rom-coms, and eat junk food. Or, get dressed up in your favorite dress, put on some heels, and sip wine while enjoying a charcuterie board. Whatever you choose, it will add that extra unique twist to your celebration.

Exchange Gifts

Giving and receiving gifts is a hallmark of traditional Valentine’s Day, and Galentine’s Day should be no different. Try a gift exchange where each person brings a wrapped gift of a certain value (suggest $10 or $20, for example), and play a game to see who gets which gift. Or you can do something similar to a Secret Santa, where you know who you’re buying for ahead of time to personalize your gift. Head to a local mall, like Music City Mall in Lewisville, to do your gift shopping.

Bake Something Sweet

Baking Ingredients

Image via Pixabay by sontung57

Valentine’s Day is known for chocolate, sweet, and delicious desserts, so why not make Galentine’s Day the same? If you have a sweet tooth, there’s nothing better than learning how to make your favorite desserts. To make it really easy, check out Cozymeal, an online cooking class option you can stream from the comfort of your home. Get a group of friends together and enjoy the experience of being instructed by an experienced chef. And don’t forget to bring wine for tasting pairing.

Visit a Winery

If cooking with wine just isn’t enough for you, head to a winery to sip in a wider variety of wines. Quite a few spread throughout Texas, such as Lewisville’s own Larue Winery. Try their handcrafted wines, including Carmenere, sauvignon blanc, red blends, or even bourbon wine. Or visit one of the other wineries within driving distance of Lewisville (just be sure to designate a driver). Wine tasting is an excellent way to celebrate Galentine’s Day with friends while enjoying beautiful wine country.

Cook Together

There’s nothing more intimate and fun than cooking together. Plan an incredible dinner menu with your friends and split up the courses between you. Have one or two people contribute the ingredients for a starter, main course, and dessert. Take turns teaching each other how to prepare your item, and make it an interactive experience. This is a great way to share something you love with the people you love.

You could also try a local cooking class or an online class if you don’t feel creative with a menu yourself. Central Market often offers cooking classes at its Dallas locations. A fun website to visit for virtual culinary experiences is CocuSocial, which focuses on small class sizes and personalized experiences.

Find a Painting Event

Unleash your creative side by joining a local art studio for an interactive class. Many art shops are starting to host these fun activities, where you bring your own drinks and snacks and receive an easel, paints, a blank canvas, and detailed instructions. Or, you could go to a ceramics studio and paint a figurine. There are quite a few different options for locations. In Lewisville, try Painting with a Twist.

Get Active Together

Find a national park or national forest near you to hike in nature. Reconnecting to the great outdoors is an excellent way to build stronger bonds between friends, and the fresh air and activity are perfect for you. You can plan a full day or just a few hours stretching your legs and viewing wildlife. Then, stop by a cafe or restaurant and reward yourself with something delicious to celebrate.

Have a Movie Marathon

If just the idea of going for a hike makes you sweat, try something a bit more relaxed with a movie marathon. Stay in and catch up with friends while watching a few classic films, or run through a fun series (think Hunger Games or Harry Potter). Or, you could binge a short string or comedy show and spend the day laughing. That’s certainly a fun way to spend Galentine’s Day!

Enjoy This Unique Holiday With Friends

Has this guide inspired you to celebrate Galentine’s Day? It really is a great way to show the people you care about how important they are to you. There’s nothing like a special occasion to get together with friends and have a bit of fun.

While you’re planning your Galentine’s Day celebration, you shouldn’t be limited by doing things close to home. Get yourself behind the wheel of a brand new car so you can travel further afield to shower your friends with love. Visit Huffines Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM Lewisville, where our friendly, informative, and considerate staff will help you find the perfect vehicle.

Did we miss your favorite way to celebrate Galentine’s Day? Let us know to update our recommendations before this fun holiday arrives.


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