June 8

Four Reasons to Drive a New Jeep Home Today


drive-a-jeepAs one of the world’s most famous brand of motor vehicles, Jeep is synonymous with amazing off-road and on-road driving. The unique, stylish exterior of a Jeep combined with its rugged build and versatility makes it a prime candidate you need to consider when buying a new vehicle. Find out below exactly why you need to drive a new Jeep home today.

Off-road Driving

When it comes to driving on atypical terrain, the Jeep is the king of off-road driving. The Jeep Wrangler, for example, is capable of driving on pretty much any surface you can think of. Jeeps simply go where the majority of other vehicles cannot go, which gives them amazing versatility. Jeeps allow you to access parts of the world by motor vehicle that you normally couldn’t get near. You won’t find a similarly excellent four-wheel-drive system in the motor industry.

Trail Rated

As if the off-road driving ability of the four-wheel-drive system available on many Jeep vehicles wasn’t enough, certain Jeeps have gone through rigorous and grueling tests to determine just how well they perform off-road. Each vehicle that passes all tests receives a special Trail Rated badge that signifies its ability to excel on all surfaces. The first area of the rating system is traction, and Jeep tests the ability of all vehicles to climb some of the world’s most difficult terrain in all kinds of weather. Other notable tests categories Jeeps need to excel in to achieve Trail Rated classification are maneuverability, water fording, and ground clearance.


It’s a requirement for any modern motor vehicle worth its salt to keep up to date with the latest technology features, and Jeep ensures that all models aren’t just about capable off-road driving. As standard on Jeep Wrangler models, for example, you get power windows to let fresh air in as you please. The heated exterior mirrors ensure all mirrors remain ice-free. A nifty tire pressure monitoring system helps you identify when tires are inflated too much or not enough. An available Alpine audio system lets you experience the best in in-car audio.

Superb Safety

Jeep vehicles such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee take safety features to the next level. The Grand Cherokee includes special front and rear crumple zones that absorb most of the impact in the event of a collision, which helps to protect occupants from the high-energy forces that often occur at the point of impact. A comprehensive air bag system adds another layer of protection.
A range of advanced active safety features ensure the latest in safety technology. A lane departure warning system detects unintentional lane drift and warns you to move back into place. Forward collision warnings automatically apply the brakes when you get too close to a vehicle in front. You also get parking assistance, which helps you park your Jeep in tight parking spaces. A blind spot monitoring system uses sensors to detect when other vehicles enter your blind spots. Jeep keeps you protected at all times.
The next step is to take a Jeep for a test drive so you can verify for yourself why they make for such good motor vehicles.
Photo by Petr Magera via Flickr | Licensed under CC BY 2.0 | Cropped from original


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