April 5

Five Places to Eat the Best Breakfast in Lewisville, TX


Plate of french toast, sunny side up eggs, and sausage links.You know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you better make it the tastiest too. There’s nothing like a golden stack of fluffy pancakes, creamy eggs, crispy bacon, and a hot cup of good coffee to start a great day.  Whether you’re looking for a special place for a weekend meal or you next daily spot, here are five places where you can eat the best breakfast in Lewisville.

All-Day Breakfast at Korner Cafe

Sometimes all you want is a place where you can eat breakfast at any time of the day. After all, breakfast food is comfort food, too. Look no further, Korner Cafe has it! The only problem here? Picking just one thing on the menu.  If you can only settle for one dish, let it be the Kitchen Sink Scrambler. The green bell peppers, onions, and sausage dish is one of the regular customers’ favorites.

Supersized Portions at Jackie’s Ham ‘n Eggs

This is the spot for classic, homemade-like breakfasts with a twist. Every serving is, as advertised, Texas-size. D Magazine didn’t rate them one of the 20 best breakfasts for nothing!  Go for the signature Ham-n-Eggs, and if the size of the dish doesn’t fit your hunger, don’t worry. You can take home what’s left and have a second round.

Love-Cooked Meals at Mill Street Diner

Don’t let the “short” in short stack fool you. Pancakes at Mill Street Diner are enough to feed two people and they come highly recommended. On the other hand, The Big Eater, another customer favorite, really lives up to the name. Approach it with care and a big stomach. Friendly staff and food cooked with a lot of love are what keeps customers coming back to this small family-owned business.

Spicy Treats at Main Street Cafe

This central cafe in Lewisville takes the gold star for atmosphere and location. Main Street Cafe’s specialty, huevos rancheros, tops the list of favorites. But if you can’t handle spicy food, the pancakes are a close second. Pack an appetite, but just enough to wait for a table if you don’t get there early; this place fills up quickly.

Artistic Creations at Coffee Holic

The name of this cafe is pretty straightforward. So what goes well with coffee here at Coffee Holic? Well, for a lover of the drink, everything!
Let’s start with the drink itself. The friendly baristas recommend the Zebra Mocha, a mix of white and coffee mocha. Customers have not been disappointed. How do you top this genius creation? With any of the homemade, freshly baked pastries or, also a favorite, one of the four varieties of honey bread.
Having a great meal to start your day in Lewisville is easy. With all these options, and the menus full of homemade-style food, the hard part is choosing where to go first! You can always build your own one-week itinerary based on these breakfast spots and not have to decide which is the best spot in the city.
Photo: “Lumberjack Breakfast” by vauvau licensed under CC BY 2.0 | Cropped from original


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