May 17

Five Great Road Trips to Take in Texas This Summer


Abandoned school in Mosheim, TXIt’s never too early to start planning your summer vacation, and where better to launch your adventure than from right here in the Lone Star State? No matter which direction your journey leads, from delicious fare to ghost towns to natural wonders, you’re in for some exciting activities this summer. Saddle up, and discover our recommendations for the five most unforgettable Texas road trips.

Abandoned Places Road Trip 

We dare you to veer off the beaten path and explore some of Texas’s abandoned places and ghost towns. In a state this large, there are plenty of forgotten locales scattered around, just beckoning pioneers like you to come and explore.
Your journey must include a visit to Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, one of the most hauntingly famous abandoned buildings in Texas. Then tour Mosheim School in Bosque, where all that’s left of a once vibrant site is ruins and distant memories.

Natural Wonders Road Trip

Discover a new side of Texas filled with natural wonders around every bend. Whether you have a long weekend or a summer break, a trip around Texas is long overdue. Stand awestruck before the rock formations at the Caverns of Sonora, or become mesmerized by the calm, clear waters of Hamilton Pool in Dripping Springs.
Pick several stops close to each other, so you can get more nature into less time and save a few bucks too. Most natural wonders come with campgrounds, so plan to sleep out for the full experience.

One Tank of Gas Road Trip 

If you don’t have a ton of time, or cash, the one-tank road trip might be the perfect addition to your summertime agenda. Let’s assume your car gets between 300 and 500 miles on a tank of petrol. Divide that in half, grab a map, and get planning.
You owe it to yourself to explore your home state, and from Lewisville, you’re within a few hours of tons of stuff to do. Head south 170 miles to the charming, artsy town of Salado. The Sculpture Garden, historic Rose Mansion, and the Sirril Art Gallery are all worth checking out.

West Texas Road Trip 

Leave the comfort of metropolitan Dallas-Fort Worth, and head west for a wild expedition. West Texas features arid, untouched beauty, dotted with small towns. From the wild and scenic Pecos River to the Chihuahuan Desert in the Rio Grande Valley, finish your tour with a trip through the high plains and farms of Llano Estacado.

Texas Barbecue Road Trip 

Let’s admit it: no one does barbecue like Texans. We would bet that “pit master” is woven into the local gene pool. By combining two of life’s greatest joys — road tripping and eating —this excursion is guaranteed to please.
The famous Salt Lick in Driftwood serves up juicy, smoked meat right out of the flame in a rustic atmosphere, filled with live music. Taylor’s Louie Mueller BBQ  has won countless awards for their heaping helpings of ‘cue and for good reason. Try both, and decide who’s meat you prefer.
This summer, explore everything our great state has to offer. Who’s driving?
Photo: “Abandoned School, Mosheim, Texas” by Nicolas Henderson via Flickr licensed under CC BY 2.0 | Cropped from original


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