October 30

Experience the Massive Power of the 2020 Dodge Challenger


The Dodge Challenger has a strong history. The first mass production of the vehicle was completed in 1969 and marketed as a more affordable version of another Dodge powerhouse. Accessible, powerful, and driver-friendly, the Challenger has evolved into an impressive vehicular staple in the Dodge lineup. The 2020 Dodge Challenger continues that tradition. With a nostalgic sporty style and modern features, this Dodge is as impressive as its predecessors.

Experience the Massive Power of the 2020 Dodge ChallengerOrange 2020 Dodge Challenger

The Performance

The drivetrain on the Challenger was specially designed to provide drivers with an awe-inspiring drive. Equipped with a Hemi V8 or V6 engine, it can go full throttle in under 4 seconds. Stability control equips drivers with safe handling options as they rev their engine and head down the road. An active exhaust system is also available and increases the sound of the engine as it roars by.

Options in Braking

As important as it is to go quickly on the road, it is equally important to be able to stop when needed. The Challenger offers options in braking to meet this need. The sport brake is considered the standard version and has 12.5-inch rotors. The next level brake is the performance system. This braking addition includes even larger rotors and comes standard on two different Challenger packages.
The Brembo four-piston and six-piston options are the next two and vary in caliper number and length. Each of these responds differently but effectively to driver directions.

The Exterior

The Challenger comes in two body-shape options: Hellcat and Widebody. Each of these choices has an impressively sporty and intimidating design that matches the under-the-hood performance. Both styles, too, have a body shape that speaks to the traditional muscle cars of the mid-20th Century. Available in over six color schemes with optional racing stripes and badges, the Challenger really can be customized to fit a variety of different tastes.

The Interior

The interior carries on the beauty and sporty style of the Challenger and can be customized as well. There are seats for up to five people, and each of these is both ergonomically and sleekly designed. Leather covering is available and comes in different hue options. Owners of the Challenger love that the 2020 model has a large touchscreen. The largest on the market, this screen is highly responsive to the touch and can make accessing compatible smart technology a breeze.

The Safety

The Challenger comes equipped with many safety features that help to guide this vehicle on the road. There are automatic high-beams which turn on when conditions warrant the need. Blind-spot monitoring assists drivers with avoiding collisions from present but unseen objects. The collision warning system also warns drivers when they are getting too close to a vehicle in front of them, automatically braking if necessary.
If a muscle car design like the Dodge Challenger is what you crave, come down and see us at Huffine Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram today. We can discuss this purchase with you or get you in another vehicle that meets your specific needs. Visit us online or in-store so that we can get you on the road tomorrow!


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