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Dallas' Top 4 Diners


Diners near CorinthResidents of Dallas and visitors to the city alike are blessed with an amazing range of diners to grab a bite to eat in and relax for an hour. But with such a bewildering range of options, you’re relying on pure luck when you enter a diner at random in the hope that the food is good. Take any luck out of the equation by reading about these great four diners in Dallas.

Maple Leaf Diner

Situated on Preston Road in the northern part of the city, Maple Leaf Diner is one of the most popular and loved casual eateries in the state. The Maple Leaf Diner brings Canadian food to Texas and you can sample dishes including a Canadian eggs Benedict that comes with an English muffin topped with delicious Canadian bacon, hollandaise sauce, and homemade fries.
Or, why not try the Canadian classic Poutine with French fries, cheese curds, and brown gravy? If you’re feeling really famished, opt for the Diner Burger with triple bacon, onion rings, cheddar, and a tender burger cooked to perfection. The food at Maple Leaf Diner is amazing, the staff are friendly, and service is efficient.

Mama’s Daughters’ Diner

If you happen to be in the vicinity of Irving Boulevard and you’re feeling peckish, make sure you pay a visit to Mama’s Daughters’ Diner. Here you’ll find good old-fashioned homemade cooking of the highest quality in a friendly family run environment. You can buy everything from an American breakfast to French toast to catfish fillets. A particular favorite in this diner is the buffalo chicken sandwich with crusty homemade bread and that wonderfully tangy buffalo sauce that many Americans cannot get enough of. If you love spicy food, try the spicy fries for a hot take on standard fries.

Crossroads Diner

Preston Road has a large congregation of great diners, and Crossroads Diner is another place you need to eat in. The owners of Crossroads Diner are chefs Tom Fleming and Carl Strelecki, and they’ve together turned Crossroads Diner into a major success story in the Dallas diner scene.
Favorite menu items among diners include the exquisite tomato and basil soup with cheese croutons. The crispy fried chicken sandwich also goes down a storm thanks to brilliantly crispy chicken matched with perfect accompaniments like capers, Brie, and sun-dried tomatoes for a Mediterranean vibe. Try the meatloaf with mashed potato for a classic diner dish made well.

Mot Hai Ba

Mot Hai Ba is a diner with a difference because it serves up traditional Vietnamese cuisine instead of the typical American fare you find at most diners. At Mot Hai Ba on Lewis Street, you can eat some ethnic dishes like fried oysters with papaya and a lemongrass caramel. You also cannot pay a visit to Mot Hai Ba without trying a stunning bowl of pho, which is a staple Vietnamese noodle soup dish that is at once aromatic, spicy, and comforting. A range of brunch dishes are available, including duck meatballs and a Vietnamese baguette.
These four diners in Dallas represent the best of casual eating you’ll find anywhere in the city.
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