March 29

How You Can Adopt a Pet in Lewisville, Texas

puppyAre you thinking of taking that next step in pet ownership and welcome a dog or cat into your Lewisville, Texas, home? Adopting a pet from a local animal shelter includes many benefits, from giving a needy animal a forever home to opening up your heart to a new fluffy family member. At Huffines CJDR Lewisville, we absolutely love our furry four-legged companions. That’s why we’ve provided this extensive guide to adopting a pet in the Lewisville, Texas, area. Keep reading to learn how you can bring a new dog or cat into your family.
Benefits of Adopting a Pet
It’s a Life-Saving Act
Each year many adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized in the U.S. There are too many pets in shelters and not enough people who will consider adopting them. If you choose to adopt a pet from your local animal shelter, you are giving a home and a future to your new four-legged friend.
You Get to Care for a Happy and Healthy Animal
Many local animal rescues are full of happy, healthy animals who are patiently waiting for their forever home. Some pets end up here because of human problems such as moving to a new location, an owner who was not ready for the responsibility of a pet, or the death of the owner.
It’s Low Cost
Adopting your companion from an animal shelter is much less expensive than purchasing a purebred puppy. Most local shelters include the first immunizations, spaying/neutering services, and often microchipping services with the cost of the adoption.
Pets Can Reduce Your Stress
Research has shown that having a pet in your life can significantly reduce your stress level. These friendly creatures offer unconditional love and affection to their owners, often when we need it the most.
Animals Are Great for Kids
Pets are not simply animals we care for in our homes. They are a part of our family. If you have children, having a pet they can help take care of is a great way to teach them responsibility. Not only do they learn how to care for a living, breathing animal, but they also receive the emotional reward of wet-nosed kisses and purring head-butts in return.
You Get Some Health Perks
According to the CDC, your furry feline friend can help to significantly lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Dog owners also have a lower risk of developing heart disease than their non-canine caretaker counterparts, according to the American Heart Association. It’s easy to live an active lifestyle when you have a dog that needs to be walked around the neighborhood or loves to chase balls across the yard.
They Provide Emotional and Mental Support
Not only can dogs and cats provide amazing physical health benefits, but they also offer remarkable advantages for individuals struggling with their emotional or mental health. Soldiers returning from combat who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder can benefit from the company of a trained therapy dog. Individuals battling depression or anxiety, as well as children who are diagnosed with ADHD or autism spectrum disorder, find solace and comfort in the presence of their furry companions.
Animal Adoption Center in Lewisville
The Gene Carey Animal Shelter and Adoption Center in Lewisville accepts any animal regardless of its breed, age, or physical health status. There are times when they are not able to take in animals due to limited space. In cases such as this, the adoption center works with nearby animal rescues to find a temporary home for these furry friends while they await a more permanent place to live.
How To Adopt a Cat or Dog
To view or visit animals that are available for adoption, you can contact the adoption center by calling 972-219-3478 or emailing You can also search for available pets on their website. Once you have found a pet you are interested in, you will need to fill out an application. If the application is approved, a cat pickup or dog visit will be scheduled. Dog visits take place in the outdoor courtyard, where you will have a chance to meet and interact with your new canine companion.
While you may be excited to begin your new life with your furry friend, the adoption center does understand that not all animal/human matchups are perfect. This is why the shelter allows returns within 30 days of the adoption date. There are no refunds, but you can consider another pet for adoption. The staff at the adoption center can also help you choose a pet that is just right for you and your family.
Adoption Costs and Requirements
Adopting a dog or cat costs $90 and includes:

  • Spaying or neutering services.
  • Microchipping services.
  • Viral vaccine.
  • Rabies vaccine.
  • Heartworm testing.
  • Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) testing.
  • One-year city registration for Lewisville residents.
  • Thirty days of free pet insurance.
  • Adoption kit that includes a small bag of pet food.

You must be 18 years or older and provide legal identification in order to adopt a pet. The adoption center encourages families from Lewisville and the surrounding areas to adopt a pet from their shelter. If you rent a home or apartment, your pet adoption needs to be approved by the landlord or property management company.
Lost and Found Pets
If you cannot find a four-legged friend to welcome to your home from the available pets at the adoption center, you can always view their lost and found pets. There are many animals who are found by the Lewisville animal services staff. Some of these furry friends find a temporary home at the shelter while others are fostered by families in the community.
Lost and found pets that do not have an owner are available for adoption. You can view any currently available lost and found pets on the website. There is a one-time adoption fee of $90 for any animals that are adopted from the City animal shelter. This fee includes the same features owners receive when they adopt an animal from the Adoption Center. Adoption requirements are the same as well.
Have you decided if you’re going to add a new family member to your Lewisville area home? If so, we’d love to celebrate with you! Contact us today to send us a picture of your four-legged friend. We are grateful you have given a forever home to an animal in need.
Image via Flickr by Dan Queiroz


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