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Best Cities Around Lewisville to Enjoy a Day Trip


City of Dallas, Texas SkylineIf you live in Lewisville, Texas, and are looking to take a day trip somewhere fun, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ve listed five places around Lewisville that are worth spending a full day in.


A short 20-minute drive from Lewisville, Grapevine has plenty to offer to make a day trip worth it. You can discover the history behind the town by visiting Historic Main Street, shop at local boutiques and jewelry stores, take a hike at a local park, or even bring the kids for some summer fun at a water park. Over 200 restaurants cater to every taste. Plus, there are plenty of spots to take part in a wine tasting where you’ll try some of the most delicious vinos on the market. It’s all available right in Grapevine.

Fort Worth

Fort Worth is known for its history, and there are plenty of places to discover a piece of the past. Museums like the Texas Civil War Museum, guided tours, and even haunted attractions give you a glimpse at the history of Texas stretching from its uprising to its supernatural occurrences. A 45-minute drive from Lewisville, Fort Worth is perfect if you’re looking to learn more about the state of Texas.


In Carrollton, you’ll find plenty of things to do that are perfect for getting out in the fresh air. Multiple hiking trails, golf courses, a nature preserve, and more can all be found in this relatively small city a brief 15 minutes away from Lewisville. If you’re looking to take a nice stroll, the town’s historic downtown area is filled with local antique shops, restaurants, and clothing stores that are all worth exploring. Not only will you fill yourself with the fresh air, you may also want to bring a memento home with you.

Flower Mound

To discover a piece of natural history, check out Flower Mound. A 20-minute drive from Lewisville, Flower Mound gets its name from a particular mound that stands 650 feet above sea level and 50 feet above the surrounding countryside. Previously referred to as The Mound, this area of the town has, historically, featured an out-of-the-ordinary amount of wildflowers. With over 175 different species, the remaining 1,000 acres of the land have been preserved as a historic landmark in the state of Texas. Visiting it, you’ll discover a true sight of beauty that’s definitely worth taking photos of.


Standing as a main attraction for anyone visiting Texas, Dallas is home to numerous highlights that make visiting for the day completely worth it. Around 40 minutes away from Lewisville, in Dallas, you’ll discover some of the best restaurants you’ll ever visit, including some of the best barbecue joints on the map. Shopping, outdoor activities, historic areas, and more can also be found in the city. Whether you’re going with a group or just your family, there’s something for everyone in Dallas, and it’s worth looking into if you want to get away for the day.
Regardless of your tastes, Texas offers something that everyone will enjoy, and the cities and towns we listed above are perfect examples of that.
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