July 27

Back-To-School Tips For A Great Year

The end of summer is rapidly approaching, and schools will be back in session shortly. The Lewisville Independent School District starts its 2023 academic year on Aug. 9. With just a few weeks left to prepare for the transition, we’ve put together some tips to help you roll into this new season smoothly. Try these strategies to streamline your back-to-school transition and get the kids back in session as quickly as possible.

Adjust Your Schedule Slowly

Start slowly shifting your bedtimes and wake-up times so you don’t have to battle through a dramatic shift from sleeping in late to getting up early in the morning. Begin moving toward your school-day schedule slowly to get the grumpiness out beforehand. Waking up earlier may feel challenging, but if you work backward to your school schedule in advance, you can log a good week of waking up on time before rushing out the door.

This gradual adjustment allows you to enjoy some slower mornings even if you get up earlier. Waking up around the right time also helps you adjust your kids’ eating schedule so their bodies can adapt to having breakfast at the appropriate hour. Also, consider when your kids will eat lunch at school, and try to mimic this lunchtime at home as you prepare to get back into the school routine. This will also help you discover if lunch is so early or late that your child will need snacks during the day.

Make a Special Grocery Trip

Invite the kids to join you for a memorable back-to-school grocery shopping excursion. Focus on picking up the essentials for convenient, balanced breakfasts and healthy, easy-to-pack lunches. Taking the kids along allows them to let you know which sandwich toppings, yogurt flavors, and cereals they’re most interested in. Allowing special treats, such as a small dessert with lunch, can help build excitement for those first days of school.

Collect Your Back-to-School Essentials

Fulfilling the back-to-school supply list can be an expensive endeavor. Fortunately, some smart strategies will help you cut down on the cost. In Texas, you can take advantage of a back-to-school sales tax holiday from Aug. 11 through Aug. 13, 2023. During this time, certain purchases are exempt from the state sales tax. This exemption applies to:

  • School supplies.
  • Up to 10 backpacks.
  • Most clothing and footwear.

Individual items must cost less than $100 each to qualify for the tax exemption. However, your total purchase may exceed this amount.

You can also look for school supplies around your home. Often, kids will return with unused or reusable items such as plastic folders, pencil boxes, and binders that you can send back the following year. You may not need to buy everything new, and getting another year out of your existing supplies is suitable for your budget and the environment.

Prepare for the Commute

If you drive your kids to school every day, take some time to prepare your vehicle for the new commute. Clean it out so you can enjoy a fresh, comfortable car on school mornings. Stock your vehicle with a few easily forgotten must-haves, such as hair ties and deodorant, so you can toss your kids what they need at the last minute if necessary. 

This is a great time to schedule a tune-up for your vehicle and check on your tires. If your ride is reaching the end of its lifespan with your family, consider upgrading to start the school year with a new-to-you-used vehicle or a brand-new car.

If your kids take the bus to school, review bus-stop etiquette to help them start the day on the right foot. If they’re new to riding the bus, practice your walk to the stop and identify the spot where you’ll wait. This practice benefits young children who may be nervous about this new and unfamiliar experience.

Plan Your School Day Routine

Sit down with your kids and work out the school day routine. Address questions such as:

  • Will you shower or bathe in the morning or the night before?
  • Where will you lay out your clothes for the day?
  • What devices do you need to charge before you go to school?
  • Where will you keep your backpack?
  • What type of breakfast do you prefer?

With these answers in mind, you can put together some launching stations to help your kids get out the door as orderly as possible. For example, you might set up charging cables for a school tablet or laptop on your child’s desk next to their backpack so they’ll see it and grab it as they get their bag. If your kids like to prepare their own breakfasts, you can make sure the supplies are easy to reach and amply stocked ahead of time. 

If you have more people than bathrooms, work out your morning schedule to ensure everyone has ample time to get ready without stepping on each other’s toes. Setting up a mirror and hair supplies in a bedroom rather than the bathroom might help relieve congestion in a big family. These small preparatory steps create a streamlined morning that helps set kids up for success when they get up.

Approach the School Year With Confidence

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the changes when kids head back to school, but these tips will help you get things lined up well in advance. Do you have other suggestions for helping kids prepare for the year or equipping your car for a better commute? Contact our Huffines Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in the Lewisville team and let us know. We want the best recommendations in town for our customers when they’re looking for a great new back-to-school vehicle or dropping in for a tune-up as the summer winds to an end.


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