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Accessories To Keep Your Car Tidy When You Have Kids


Road trips with the family help create lasting memories. However, keeping your sedan, SUV, or pickup truck tidy and organized can be challenging, especially when traveling with kids. Having a disorganized or messy vehicle is often distracting for parents and the driver. With select accessories designed to keep your car tidy, it’s easy to have a mess-free vehicle while still carrying the items you and your family need.

To help you navigate the many car accessories available for organization and cleanliness, our team at Huffines Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram (CJDR) in Lewisville, Texas, has put together this list of recommended products to make your next family road trip tidy and enjoyable.

Top Accessories To Keep Your Vehicle Tidy and Clean

Delve into this list of organizational accessories that you can order online, buy from an auto parts store, or pick up from our parts center. Once you’ve stocked up on your supplies, load the kids into your vehicle and take the family on fun and memorable road trips.

Leak-Proof Car Trash Can

Kids and adults often need drinks and snacks while traveling or going to after-school events. Instead of tossing juice boxes, snack baggies, water bottles, or coffee cups onto the floor, have a leak-proof trash can in the back seat to hold various types of trash. You can also have a second trash can or a compartmentalized one to hold recyclable items.

Washable Floor and Cargo Mats

Floor mats that you can easily clean will help keep your vehicle looking tidy. Kids can track in dirt or sand, and the family dog can add mud and slobber to the flooring of the cargo area. Mopar and other car accessory companies make durable floor and cargo mats to help you keep the mud and dirt at bay for a tidy interior.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

A small handheld vacuum cleaner that runs on batteries or by plugging into the vehicle’s 12-volt outlet will help you suck up dirt, sand, mud, and stray pieces of food or wrappers lost in nooks and crannies. Some vehicles come with a built-in vacuum cleaner system, so ask our team if we have a make and model with this handy feature.

Car Cleaning Gel

If you’ve tried to clean crumbs or dust from the vents or hard-to-reach areas of your vehicle’s interior, you’ll understand how challenging this chore can be. Innovative car cleaning gel pads revolutionize this task. When you first open the container, you’ll notice the similarity to your kids Play-Doh. After kneading the product per the directions, simply take the gel pads, wipe them on the car’s surfaces, and watch them magically pick up dirt, dust, and grime.

Backseat Organizers

Backseat organizers are the ultimate way to organize paper, coloring books, mobile devices, water bottles, and small toys. You’ll find lots of mesh pockets of various sizes and depths to stash personal items. Have a backseat organizer for each child and write their name on it. This way, they can keep their stuff separate from each other.

Kids Travel Trays

Travel trays are an ingenious way to help keep your kids entertained when going on road trips. Whether your child is secured with a buckled safety belt or in their car seat, the travel tray sits over their lap and has a hard desk-type surface perfect for youngsters to do coloring or small art projects. The tray also makes a good surface for them to eat. Many of these collapsible kids’ travel trays have side pockets to hold supplies, a cup holder for beverages, and a slot to support their mobile devices.

Collapsible Diaper Changing Station

If you have an infant or toddler in diapers, you’ll appreciate having a collapsible diaper changing station. It has multiple compartments to hold wipes, clean diapers, plastic baggies, and creams. A durable diaper-changing station lets you tend to your baby from the back seat or cargo area of your vehicle without having to bring your youngster into a public restroom.

Trunk or Cargo Space Organizer With Insulated Cooler

Busy parents with SUVs learn quickly how cluttered their vehicle’s trunk or cargo area can get. Random toys, sports equipment, first aid kits, and cloth shopping bags can all get mixed together in a tangle. An organizer can help solve this messy problem. While you can find a multitude of trunk or cargo space organizers, consider getting one with a built-in insulated cooler to keep beverages, snacks, or select groceries cold.

Front Seat Organizer

Not only do the kids need to have their stuff organized, but modern parents also need to keep their important things in order. A handy seat organizer has straps to secure it to an unoccupied front seat or over the back seat. It has compartments to hold a laptop, notepads, pens, pencils, a smartphone, chargers, and a water bottle. Once you reach your destination, simply grab the organizer by its handle or place the straps over your shoulders and carry your portable office inside.

Headrest Coat or Purse Hooks

When your car is filled with kids, their stuff, and their outdoor gear, along with your purse and jacket, your vehicle can become messy and disorganized. You can use headrest coat or purse hooks, which can fit snugly over the front seat, to securely hang your purse or jacket and keep them off a dirty floor and within easy reach.

Keep Your Vehicle Tidy and Organized With Accessories and Parts

You’ll enjoy your family road trips and daily excursions more with vehicle organizers and cleaners. We carry many accessories and parts at Huffines CJDR in Lewisville, Texas, to help keep your car clean and organized. Contact us today to learn more about some of our parts and accessories, discounts and coupons, service specials, and new vehicle inventory. Having a clean and tidy car while traveling with kids can help elevate your driving experience.


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