October 12

The 6 Top Safety Features You Can Find In a Jeep


Jeeps are made to take a beating. In fact, many people who buy one of these vehicles are eager to take it off-road and see what it can handle. Jeep knows this, and the company designs the vehicles to safely handle rugged terrain. Of course, there are many technologies that also keep city drivers secure during the daily commute. Here are the six top safety features you can find in a Jeep.

Preventative Roll-Over Technologies

Rock crawling is a high-risk activity that often results in rollovers, and drivers who tow need to drive responsibly to make sure that the vehicle stays centered on the road. Jeep has introduced several new technologies to help these vehicles stay grounded, whatever road (or lack thereof) they’re on. These include:

  • Electronic Stability Control: Overcorrecting after swerving to avoid an obstacle is a major cause of rollovers. Understeering while making a turn can also lead to one of these incidents. The Electronic Stability Control system helps address this by automatically applying the brakes and/or reducing the torque if the system detects a loss of steering control. The technology can even apply the brakes to the wheels individually.
  • Electronic Roll Mitigation: This is another system that engages if a rollover is likely. Specifically, sensors detect the likelihood of wheel lift. If the weight of the vehicle begins to shift indicating that a rollover is imminent, Electronic Roll Mitigation automatically reduces the engine power and applies the brakes to help make sure that the Jeep stays grounded.
  • Trailer Sway Control: A part of the Electronic Stability Control system, this safety feature uses the same sensors to detect when the weight of a trailer is pulling on one side of the Jeep, likely leading to a dangerous sway. The Trailer Sway Control function temporarily increases the braking force on one side of the vehicle to rebalance it force and bring the vehicle back under the driver’s control.

Heads-Up Technologies

The abovementioned systems kick in automatically when the sensors detect that the driver is beginning to lose control. There are other active technologies, however, that help keep a driver aware of the road around him. Here are a few examples.

  • Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking: This system, available on select Jeep models, detects if the driver is coming up too quickly on the vehicle ahead. An audible chime goes off to warn the driver of the hazard.
  • Parkview Rear Back-Up Camera: This camera system assists drivers when they are backing up to help with parking and confirm that the space behind the vehicle is clear. This system is not available on the Sport or Sport Altitude but it comes standard on all other 2017 Cherokee 4×4 models.
  • Parallel and Perpendicular Park Assist: Another feature exclusive to select Jeeps, this technology helps drivers safely park. The system steers automatically; drivers only need to brake and accelerate.

There are many other safety features in modern Jeeps, but these are some of the most practical and the most interesting! Visit the dealership to see these and other technologies in action.
Photo by Tim Taylor via Flickr | Licensed under CC BY 2.0 | Cropped from original


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