August 23

5 Places in Lewisville, TX to See a Live Performance


Greater Lewisville Community TheatreThere is just something entertaining about attending a live performance. You can really immerse yourself in the performance when it is right in front of you. These are a few of the best places to see a live performance in the Lewisville area.

Greater Lewisville Community Theatre

The Greater Lewisville Community Theatre is much more than a local live performance center. It is also a historical building that was once a local dry goods store in 1885. The building has seen many renovations throughout the years, and today it hosts live plays performed by local residents. Many people also come to see the historical architecture of the building. The theatre puts on all types of shows with upcoming performances, including “Welcome to Arroyo’s,” “Next to Normal,” and Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.”

Actors Conservatory Theatre

The Actors Conservatory Theatre has been educating local children on the performing arts since 1999. In addition to educating children on classic literature and theatre, the center also puts on exciting live performances for the public. Just a few of the famous performances the center does include “Madagascar,” “Grease,” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” Children can also take a class or audition to be a part of these exciting performances.

LakeCities Ballet Theatre

The LakeCities Ballet Theatre has a mission to preserve the art of classical dance. The center puts on professional ballet performances with live orchestra music in the background. One of their most popular performances is “The Nutcracker,” which has received recognition from famous dancers all over the country. The ballet theatre also performs other popular stories including “Dracula” and “Giselle.” You can support this important group by attending one of their fundraising events or by attending one of their live performances.

Medical City Lewisville Grand Theater

The MCL Grand Theater is a public 296-seat theater that often hosts art shows, dance recitals, and live musical performances. The building was designed with architecture inspired from the local historical buildings of Lewisville. Two of the upcoming live performances include Texas Tunes and the Black Box Songwriter Series. Texas Tunes brings together local Texas musicians including The Quebe Sisters and Josh Grider. The Black Box Songwriter Series honors the words behind the musicians. It is held in a small listening room and includes information about the songwriting process of some of the most popular songs throughout history.

Hat Tricks

Hat Tricks is a local bar and grill that focuses on good food and entertaining live performances. Many of the performances at Hat Tricks follow the Red Dirt music trend. This is often described as country music with a little attitude. The grill has frequent drink specials, delicious food choices, and some of the best local country music in all of Texas. They also have live karaoke nights, perfect for trying your skill on the microphone.
Lewisville has plenty of options available for live performances. Whether you enjoy classic ballet, Broadway-inspired shows, or a lively country music performance, you are sure to find it at any of these Lewisville spots.
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