August 16

4 Best Places in Lewisville to Enjoy a Romantic Date Night


Lake view date spots in Lewisville areaPlanning the perfect date night can be fun, but also a challenge. Lewisville, TX is close to many of the Dallas Metro neighborhoods making it easy to enjoy a variety of different attractions and activities without having to go all the way into the city. Here are some of the best places in Lewisville to enjoy a romantic date night.

  1. Painting With A Twist

Pair art and wine at Painting with a Twist. Head here with your date, and you can sip on some red or white wine while creating a masterpiece. The workshop provides all the supplies for painting, including the wine, and a talented painter will give the instructions. You can go online to choose a time and make a reservation, so all you and your date need to do is show up.

  1. See a Show At Water Tower Theater

Water Tower Theater is a small, local theater in Addison, TX. This theater is a popular stop for some of the best touring theater companies. You can catch anything from musicals to drama and more. The schedule for the summer of 2019 includes Ignite! on August 23, and Sister Act will run from October 24 through November 10. The unique theater is extremely versatile with a ceiling that opens to access the sky and large doors that open up to let the natural light in. The production staff can even pump water into the performance area if needed for the show.

  1. Visit Witherspoon Distillery

Plan your date at Witherspoon Distillery, and you can both enjoy the atmosphere along with drinks that you know are made from local ingredients. The spirits are then distilled, aged, and bottled right at the local site. Check out the website for events going on at the distillery and plan your date accordingly. You can even take a tour of the facility to get a firsthand look at how the process works, and then enjoy a taste of the product. There is usually live music on Friday and Saturday nights, and the tasting hall offers a variety of mixed cocktails such as the watermelon margarita and the cucumber cooler.

  1. Spend the Day on Lake Lewisville

Make your date a daytime event that can go into the evening by spending it at Lake Lewisville. You can start by renting a boat and cruising around the water, or you can head to one of the beaches and relax on the sand by the water. After you’ve had enough sun, head to one of the many restaurants in the area. Wet Bar and Grill at Pier 121 has a great patio where you can sit outside and enjoy food and drinks. Captain Jack’s Floating Bar and Grill in Hidden Cove Marina is another option, and one of the newer floating restaurants.
Make your date night special whether it’s a first date, a special occasion, or one of many dates with your special someone. In the Lewisville area, there are many activities and restaurants to choose from to make it a memorable night for both of you.
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