November 9

2024 Dodge Lineup


The 2024 model year for Dodge signals the end of an era for the brand’s iconic muscle cars with monstrous V-8 engines. The Challenger coupe and Charger sedans have ceased production, and only the Charger remains with both gasoline and electric options. In 2024, the Dodge Hornet returns with a hybrid performance option that adds more power. Additionally, the Durango is returning next year to provide a high-performance SUV option. 

Dodge has few fresh offerings for 2024, but don’t count the manufacturer out just yet. It’s updating many of its models with electric and hybrid engines that offer the same performance as the company’s legendary muscle cars. Dodge has a bright future ahead, and faithful customers won’t have to wait long to see their favorite Dodge models back on showroom floors. 

What New Dodges Are Coming Out This Year

Dodge isn’t adding new models to its lineup for the upcoming year. However, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the return of the Dodge Hornet, which it reintroduced in 2023 after a hiatus. The 2024 Dodge Hornet is particularly noteworthy because it offers high performance similar to muscle cars despite being a compact SUV. Additionally, it has a hybrid option and features the latest automotive technology from Dodge, both inside and out.

The 2024 Durango SUV comes with only minor updates and offers powerful V-8 engine options that make it incredibly fast. However, what we most anticipate is the 2024 Charger, which Dodge is transforming into a high-performance electric vehicle (EV). It delivers the experience of driving a HEMI V-8 right down to the exhaust notes of an SRT Hellcat V-8. The 2024 Charger EV may not have a gasoline engine, but it still retains the true essence of a Dodge Charger. Let’s take a look at the changes that the 2024 Dodge lineup has in store. 

2024 Dodge Electric Models

As mentioned, Dodge is offering a hybrid compact SUV and an all-electric muscle car for the 2024 model year. Here’s a look at what you can expect from both models.

2024 Dodge Hornet

The Hornet returned to the Dodge lineup in 2023 and gets a hybrid upgrade for the 2024 model year. The Hornet is a compact utility vehicle reminiscent of the 90s era of Dodge vehicles; it offers sharp detailing and sports performance. The interior features tactile buttons that enable you to control various interior features without taking your eyes off the road. It also has a 10.25-inch full-color touch-screen infotainment system that runs on Uconnect 5. 

The infotainment system of the 2024 Dodge Hornets boasts a unique feature: a 3-D display that provides 360-degree visuals. Additionally, all models come with a standard 12.3-inch digital cluster display that allows the driver to customize the layout per their preference. 

The trim levels for the 2024 Dodge Hornet are:

  • GT.
  • GT Plus.
  • R/T.
  • R/T Plus.

The GT features a turbocharged V-6 engine, and the R/T is a performance hybrid that accelerates from zero to 60 in 5.6 seconds.

Available packages include:

  • Track Pack.
  • Blacktop Package.
  • Tech Pack. 
  • Cold Weather Package.

2024 Dodge Charger

The 2024 Charger is a fully electric model that draws inspiration from its 1970s predecessor. The car boasts a slim, rectangular grille and a boxy design with prominent rearview mirrors reminiscent of the original Charger. However, unlike most practical sedans, the 2024 Charger has an assertive, futuristic appearance. 

We expect the 2024 Charger’s available trims to be the 340, the 440, and the SRT Banshee. The 340 will likely generate 455 horsepower, while the 440 should have an output of 590 horsepower. The SRT Banshee is said to have an all-wheel-drive 800-volt drivetrain, but we’ve heard nothing about the horsepower to date. The Charger concept was shown with a multispeed transmission to improve performance and battery range. The transmission also provides the sensation of shifting gears when subjected to hard acceleration. 

Another thing that makes the 2024 Charger stand out is that it uses Dodge’s Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust system that generates a 126-decibel “exhaust” noise when the car is in motion. It does this by, among other things, moving air through a speaker box with chambers, plenums, pipes, and an exhaust outlet that comes out the back of the vehicle. This feature is reminiscent of the harmonic sound an electrified Toyota generates when it’s in drive, but with the Charger, it’s more of an authentic exhaust sound than a musical note.

Dodge Holds the Line for 2024

Dodge is losing a nameplate for 2024, but the Challenger should return in the future as an EV sibling to the Charger. The upcoming model year may seem quiet as far as bringing back brands or introducing new models. However, change is constant, and the automaker, known for its continuous evolution, will be around for a while. In the meantime, Lewisville, Texas, area drivers can depend on extraordinary and exciting performance from the 2024 vehicles Dodge will offer.

The 2024 Hornet is a modern compact utility vehicle that combines the power of genuine Mopar parts with an electric boost and a decent battery range. Although details on the 2024 Charger are yet to be released, Dodge has revealed some exciting information that shows the direction the automaker is heading in as EVs become more popular. 

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