December 13

The 2019 Chrysler Pacifica: One of the Most Versatile Vehicles on the Road


2019 Chrysler Pacifica in Lewisville, TX When searching for a family vehicle, some look for a sleek exterior. Some look for power and a smooth ride.  Some look for plentiful seating, some for plenty of storage space, and some for safety features.  But what if you are looking for a family vehicle that has all of these elements? If that’s the case, you are looking for the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica, a rare gem of a minivan that surpasses expectations in every area imaginable.


Many car companies seem to have not put much thought or effort into the design of their minivans, resigned to producing the same boxy models year after year. Chrysler, however, is devoted to producing a family vehicle with a sleek, stylish, aerodynamic design available in a variety of stunning colors. They also continue to add new innovations, such as hands-free power-sliding doors, a hands-free power liftgate, and an available tri-pane panoramic sunroof.


Of course, a car that looks good but cannot smoothly deliver you to your destination really isn’t that helpful. Luckily, the Pacifica is a powerful machine as well as a thing of beauty. It features a 287-horsepower, 36-liter V-6 engine with a nine-speed transmission. Translation for non-car people: the Pacifica can quickly accelerate to speeds as high as you would ever need. However, it is able to still provide a smooth and comfortable ride and responsive steering. It is hard to find a vehicle that can combine power and grace so successfully.


What truly sets the Pacifica most apart from the competition is the interior, which is not only upscale but also incredibly functional. You can comfortably seat up to eight people and still have plenty of storage space. The emphasis is on comfortably, since the Pacifica, unlike most minivans, actually has a spacious second and third row, complete with USB ports and available rear entertainment system.  If you need even more storage, the seats fold down into the floor at the touch of a button. This is an impressive feature compared to the competition, where you have to physically remove the seats.


Of course, the most precious cargo to carry in a minivan is your family, so you need a vehicle that is packed with safety features. The Chrysler Pacifica has you covered in this area as well, with electronic stability control, 4-wheel ABS, blind spot monitoring, cross traffic alerts, and rear parking sensors all standard. Also available are front parking sensors, a surround-view camera, lane collision warning, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and more. With all these features, it is not surprising that the Pacifica has the highest NHTSA ratings possible.
No matter what you are looking for in a family vehicle, the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica should be at the top of the list. Put all of the elements together and it is clear that, in a world of cookie-cutter minivans, the Pacifica rises well above the pack as one of the most versatile and most impressive family vehicles on the road today.
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